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Web crawler service

We provide a simple, lightweight, free and easily customizable service for web crawling.


Currently v1.0.0


We offer a free high quality web crawling service

Easy to use

You just have to provide the url and we do all the work.


You can easily specify to crawly what you need.

How it works?

You just need to make a GET call to our api url bellow and add the url of the page you want us to parse. Optional you can add the key parameter to specify what you need Crawly to return.<URL>&key=<KEY>

How to get a key?

You can get a key by creating an account, logging in and creating a new configuration for Crawly.

Join Now

Please provide Crawly with a valid url (ex. You will receive
a json using the crawler's default settings, meaning that Crawly will return only the
title and meta tags by default. If you want to customize further and specify exactly
what you need, create an account, log in and add your own preferences.

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